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FashionDesignerHandbag.com was created to give visitors an excellent venue for finding latest news, up-to-date information and price comparisons for designer handbags. We are a bunch of bag lovers always on the lookout for what is trending in the fashion industry, occasionally gossiping about celebrities carrying what and where and new comers in the market that could be the next "IT" bag designer.

Frankly we are quite fed-up with so much information or mis-information on the World-Wide-Web that we've decided to create this website allowing us the opportunity to present things from our perspective. You'll find alot of information and photos on various handbags, branded or otherwise, used or new that are placed side-by-side so that anyone can make comparison on the various designs, colors and prices in order to make an informed decisions.

Whether it’s for reviews, research or purchasing decisions, we do our best trying to match what shoppers are looking for. In addition we are constantly performing a painfully repetitive task of researching consumers’ sentiments on Google, Yahoo and Bing search results to bring you the current and most popular handbags that people are searching for today.

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